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e-Glasser is a niche community of individuals familiar with Glasser ideas while opening its doors for those interested in learning more about their behaviour. It is like a car with you in the driver’s seat.

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What is e-Glasser?

Imagine a social platform with the seven connecting habits at its core. Created with the desire to ensure Dr.Glassers legacy lives on and the intention of uniting a dynamic international network of professionals from many disciplines including teachers, mental health counsellors, addiction specialists, coaches, entrepreneurs, management and, of course, parents.

Founded by senior faculty and facilitators of Glasser Canada, eGlassers primary focus is to share our quality training resources while providing the opportunity for facilitators and students to utilize the online platform to engage and build strong connections. Our vast library of webinars, blogs and videos offer hours of choice theory themed content  to deepen learning, get to know mentors from around the world and provide an opportunity to tap into a supportive, enriching environment 24/7.

Our Global Community Collective


The power of the ‘collective’ offers you the opportunity of working together in promoting more efficient work and, whatever the task, it is done faster. Take advantage of what the latest research is telling us.

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Sharing ideas with others helps all parties a voice to express ideas about an environment of trust, respect, and support.

Join us in conversations on topics of interest: behaviours and beliefs, climate change, cognition, how children learn, parenting techniques, the effects of fear in our system, training handout exchanges, Leadership, and Choice Theory™ and Reality Therapy™

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Articles are one of the pathways to new knowledge, a new perspective on your way of seeing things, or a new insight on a topic of interest. They may lead you to explore these new perceptions in research projects.

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Imagine Webstore

THE PLACE to embark on a journey of discovery of resources adding VALUE to your life!



  • How people CAN adapt to chase more easily than thought
  • New approaches to the person that you want to be or become
  • Understanding mental illness from a different perspective
  • Using Lead Management on purpose
  • Driving you car but spinning your wheels
  • Owning notebook on  how to interrelate with other
  • Discover the keys to sexual relationships that endure
  • Engaging in the steps of dynamic leadership for your business
  • Hot tips to improve your presentation skills
  • New approach to The Good Samaritan
  • Video on Choice with rentals to review types of clients you may encounter
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Latest News & Events

Check here for the most recently published news articles, and a wide variety of content within this platform.
You shall be amazed at the unbelievable number of resources just a click or two away.

Explore events of interest: training, webinars, videos and published materials.

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  • View members directory
  • View members profile
  • Access group directory
  • Access to groups
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