Yvette Forcier

Hi my name is Yvette Forcier from Hague, Saskatchewan.
I was introduced to Choice theory by my Supervisor Frankie LaClare years ago. She was a true visionary who wanted to have all of the school counselors trained in Reality therapy, Choice theory and pass it on to all teachers in our school division. The school counselors, including myself, received the trainings throughout the years until the day came where my colleague/friend flew to L.A. in 2010 to present for our certification and actually met William Glasser in person. What a trill that was. As well, his daughter was in our group and presented as well. We then received our certificats as Supervisors in the Spring of 2011 in Watrous, Saskatchewan with Jean Suffield and Maureen McIntosh as Instructors.
We have done a lot Glasser’s work since then in all of our 15 francophone schools throughout Saskatchewan. We trained groups of teachers the basic week till all the cutbacks started happening 5 or 6 years ago.
I continue to use it in my practice as well as in the classrooms – particularly the class meetings that I truly enjoy implementing every year.
I have to say that I use it on a regular basis with all my relationships. It really becomes an ingrained daily practice of living your best life when you use Glasser’s principles.
I joined the Glasser Canada board a year and a half ago.
And so it is….

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