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Breanne Hansen

e-Glasser Live Event Series Calendar:

These Live Events are designed to be conversational and informative. Your questions are welcome throughout our video chat. Each ‘Live’ will focus on a specific section of the e-Glasser platform.

The format for each live will go something like this:
We share specific and helpful topic-related points
You share your platform related questions

We want to make it clear to you that during these Live Events:
we are aiming for a relaxed, conversational atmosphere
(Don’t be afraid to jump in to the conversation)
we are open to weaving your questions into our agenda
(If you have a burning question ASK IT!)

Our Live Event Series Schedule looks like this:
15 September – Personal Profile
29 September – Home Activity
13 October – Community
27 October – All Forums
10 November – Resources
24 November – Mail
8 December – FAQ
And if it looks like we need one more Live to clear up any questions around the platform there, we can possibly add another on the 22 December.
(*Remember: cut off for Founding Member status is 31 Dec, 2020)

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