Gwen Kessell

Hi, my name is Gwen Kessell and I am currently the Head of the Lower School at All Saints Academy in Winter Haven. I spent 39 years in public school education. During the part of this time, I was the principal at Lake Gibson Middle School where with the help of Dr. Glasser and Brad Greene we introduced Choice Theory and the Quality School conditions to the school community and experienced many successes. Following this time I reopened Blake Academy a K-8 choice school under the Quality School conditions and taught everyone Choice Theory. that made significant improvements in the school community. I was an active member of the Quality School Consortium and served on the board of the William Glasser Institute.

I never cease to be amazed when research is presented that supports the ideas that Dr. Glasser presented years ago. He was well before the times with his thinking and understanding of the brain and human behavior.

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