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    Please let us know, your questions. The team will be happy to help you integrate our growing community.


    How do you rate someone on this platform? Give stars?


    To Provide useful rate or review someone on this platform:

    1- Look for the member you want to review go to their profile

    2- Click On the top right corner of the banner you will see Add Review
    Add Review

    3- Add your rating / type the review description.


    Breanne Hansen

    If you do not offer services or have projects how do you get rid of the completion percentage widget on the side?

    For example my profile is as complete as it is going to be. Yet it still shows I”m 79% complete.
    Is there a way to remove this widget or mark the ‘Services’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Slides’ as complete as they are not applicable to me?


    Hi Breanne

    I was on my radar the problem with the ( completion percentage widget ) is to get Subscribers to complete the overview page this widget is only visible to the user side and it is for Administration to determent what is a minimum overview page so it dont show empty …

    I have adjusted it an tell we have a consensus. Thank you for the feedback


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