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    Do you worry about the future for your children or grandchildren? Do you want to be able to say “I did what I could to help things change.” I do, and I am excited to explore how we can change our selves and by extension our world. I know what Choice Theory teaches us, is a critical shift we need to make from “external focus to internal”. What other perspective shifts do you think we need to make?

    Murielle Desrosiers

    I know I am working on not seeing the world and the people in it as black or white, but more in shades of grey. It’s a perspective shift from dual thinking to non-dual thinking. I try to see the world and the people in it, not as either or but both and. As an example, I try to see people or their actions as not good or bad but both and. It helps me to see people and accept them as they are. Holding the tension between what I perceive as good and what I perceive as bad in a person or a situation is a perception shift for me and an exercise in non-judgment.


    Hi Murielle, I love what you’ve shared and it is indeed a challenge to not think in duality. Our world is set up this way, good/bad, right /wrong etc. One of the hopes we have with Reconstructing Our World is to shift perspectives like duality. This has to start with ourselves and it then can spread outward. Do you have specific ways you help yourself notice your thinking and shift it? We would love to hear any ideas. We (Jeff Brown and I) love tools and strategies that make it easier and will be sharing ours in the course we will launch this fall. I hope you stay in touch!!!

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