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    Raising Good Kids: Relationships & Responsibility Go Hand in Hand

    Understanding that each individual sees the world in different ways helps us to examine our own perceptions of what parenting is all about. The activities presented will help us understand the dynamics of differing points of view that often lead to conflict and assist us in building sound relationships with our children and, at the same time, helping them to develop a sense of responsibility. Relationships and responsibility do go ‘hand in hand.’

    Letting Go!

    Quiz1 to answer privately:

    • If your child(ren) fight, do you believe that you have to find out what happened and sort things out, then decide whether to punish one or both?

    • If your child hides behind you, or doesn’t answer a question from an adult, do you provide the information yourself? Or apologize for the behaviour?

    • If your spouse has words and disagrees with someone else (particularly one of the children), do you intervene and try to make peace?

    • If your child comes home complaining of mistreatment by another child, do you speak to the other child yourself?

    • Have you ever been asked for a “dozen cupcakes” or for project materials a few minutes before it’s time to leave in the morning, and rushed around in a panic trying to get it done – even though your child knew about it for a week or so?

    • Have you accepted the job of reminding your child(ren) about things they should be able to remember themselves?

    Self-evaluation: 1) How did you fare with the above questions?
    2) Who can you control?
    3) Do you truly believe that you can only control yourself?
    4) How do you know?

    Let’s examine the control issue further by first reviewing the caring or connecting habits that help us form healthy relationships and the deadly habits that are sure to destroy relationships. We had referred to these habits in our previous session together. How have we done since the
    last session?

    1 The Simple Way to Raise A Good Kid. Judy McFadden, Australia.

    Breanne Hansen

    This is such a great training piece. Even being CTRT certified I still fall into the trap of asking the kids what happened to cause the disagreement. It gets pretty exhausting ‘putting out fires’. This piece you have posted reminded me why I fell in love with choice theory in the first place. People are responsible for their own stuff! Teach them to put out their own fires. I appreciate having the tools and knowledge of choice theory and reality therapy and this community on E-Glasser to help me evaluate where I can use them better! Thanks so much Jean!


    Dear Breanne,

    Had sent you material. If others are interested they can contact me.

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