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    Learn about the Home Activity section of eGlasser

    Breanne Hansen

    Info on how to POST in the Home Activity Section:

    Post Section Features:
    Options found along the top of the posting box:
    Status – To post a ‘Status’ type in the area that says ‘What’s New___?’, Click on the Post button. Note: There is an Emoticon feature at the top right hand side of the posting section.
    Photo – By clicking on ‘Photo’ a paper clip attachment button will appear. This will allow you to upload and post images. Once uploaded, click on the ‘Post’ button.
    Slideshow – By clicking this button a paper clip attachment button will appear. This will allow you to upload images that will automatically scroll. Note: The full images will not be shown as they will be within the post box. If you wish to share complete images use the ‘Photo’ feature.
    Quote – Clicking this button brings up two boxes: one for the quote author and one for the quote. By clicking post, your quote appears as text on a blue banner.
    GIF – Clicking on GIF brings up a search function. Here you will type in the keywords to bring up the kind of GIFs you want to share, click search, select the GIF. Clicking on the GIF does not automatically post it. You will still have the opportunity to change your mind. If you are happy with your selection click ‘Post’.
    File – By clicking this a paper clip attachment will appear. This will allow you to upload documents.

    Options found along the bottom of the posting box:
    Public – Clicking this will allow you to select who sees your posts. Choose one of the 4 drop down options: Public, Only Me, My Friends, Members.
    Tag Friends (Person with tag) – If you click this icon your list of friends will appear. You can select one or many friends. Tagging friends in a post means that post will show up in their notifications and is a way to ensure those members see your post.
    Post in – Clicking the button titled ‘My Profile’ with a downward arrow – will show you a drop down list of areas available for you to post in: you will see groups you have joined or manage and of course posting in ‘My Profile’ is always an option. No matter what section of the platform you choose this post to appear in, you can always see any of your own posts on your Personal Profile Activity Section.

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