Falling in love with Australia begins the moment the “dream picture” with all its details of adventure, mystery, mountain ranges, desert dunes, extraordinarily magnificent animals and warm, loving people is placed in your Quality World.  The “love at first sight (site)” began in July 2001 as I stepped off the plane in Sydney to participate in The William Glasser Institute International Convention 2001.  The Olympics and spectacular New Year Celebrations had brought some of the wonders into our living rooms but to be “there” was truly the “dream come true.”

Ah, the Aussies! – Warm, generous, engaging, curious and with a keen sense of humour.  My return journey in September/October 2003 further enriched my relationships and the learning experiences in RT/CT/LM.  The Basic Instructor Program, Phase I and Phase II and several one-day presentations highlighted for me what “walking the walk” is all about. Participants in Australia are strong in their knowledge and understanding of the concepts of Dr. Glasser and their applications. Their thirst for deeper understanding and challenging role-play scenarios bring a high standard to training and it was, indeed, a privilege to work with them.

I journeyed through several Australian states: Queensland, the Northern Territories, New South Wales, and Tasmania.  I never spotted a Tasmanian Devil since they are wily creatures but the wonders of Tasmania are still so vivid:  Bruny Island cliffs with their caves, swelling seas, the albatross and albino kangaroos, the seal colonies and all with me bobbing up and down keeping my eye on the horizon and ingesting ginger pills since my sea legs are on the light side.

My images: ivory white sails of the Sydney Opera House glistening against the azure blue sky, water taxis to Manley and the beaches, Alice Spring’s with its rich biological diversity, the 30,000 years heritage of Aboriginal history, Darwin and the Katherine Gorge, the magnificent brilliance of the Great Barrier Reef, the Kuranda scenic railway through fifteen hand carved tunnels and some of the oldest rainforest in the world, the Koala clasping the eucalyptus in a hazy stare, wombats, echidnas, bandicoots, the ringtail possums, platypus and fairy  penguins.  

And, oh the wonders of the plumed beauties: the lorikeets, the tawny Frogmouth, magpies, comb-crested Jacanas, the Black Swan, and the Rose-breasted cockatoos or galahs.  The plumage of the Galah is gray and pink, soft and silky to the touch, thick and luxurious, sporting a white to pale pink crest.  What a glorious sight it was to see them flying, in perfect unison, against the Australian sky!

With appreciation to June Macqueen, President of the William Glasser Institute – Australia and her husband Lex, two wonderfully generous people who live Choice Theory® within the Institute and their community.  Thanks to Miriam Cheung, Maggie and Chris Bolton, Judith Hatswell and her spouse Gerry Atuell, Ruth Smith and family for providing so many learning opportunities for me. A special thanks to my wonderful, risk-taking Aunt Shirley who accompanied me on the trip to celebrate her 80th birthday. Annabelle Symes’ husband, Kim Hickey, arranged a dinner for us by the beach. I am forever grateful to him. Aunt Shirley braved the Great Barrier Reef while I pointed her out to one of the life guards since I had been at the Reef a few times and knew how strong the current was. I loved her dearly since she brought only joy to others.

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    JEAN SEVILLE SUFFIELD 10 months ago

    Thank you to all who enjoyed the article about my first impressions about Australia. I have much more to say but right now I am very pleased with E-Glasser and encourage whoever reads any of the content on our site to reach out to at least 5 other friends and colleagues to join us. It is an excellent way to connect and to spread Choice Theory around the world as Dr. Glasser wished us to do.

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