10 Steps to Dynamic Leadership



10 Steps to Dynamic Leadership: Practical models for immediate use! serves as a resource for quick-paced leaders or managers who want a guide to various concepts to see which they might explore further for their organization. I you are someone who has little time but would like a hands-on guide to help you reflect on what so many experts in various fields have to offer about leadership in today’s market, then this book is for you!


The slim book with a wealth of ideas;

exciting, thought-provoking models for leadership!


– John Kehoe, President

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Dr. Jean Seville Suffield's many years in the field of education from teacher through to Superintendent has offered her a global view of systems and an understanding of systemic change. She has travelled to many parts of the world bringing her knowledge and expertise in the fields of choice theory, reality therapy, the Glasser Quality School, brain-based education, and the importance of health and wellness in the realm of quantum medicine. Dr. Jean is currently offering a specialized course based on 10 Steps to Dynamic Leadership which incorporates her knowledge as a doctor of Natural Medicine into the leadership world where stress often abounds! Contact Dr. Jean through [email protected] or (450) 646-2590.

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