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For several years I have been interested in searching for interactive activities in order to teach concepts and to give participants first-hand experience in learning. As a result, experiential learning has become an integral part of all my training and presentations. I believe that my style is somewhat unique in that I most often provide the barest of details and then invite participants to Live Up to the Challenge and take ownership for their own learning. The activities in this book rely heavily on high contrast and novelty, sensory input and symbols, metaphor and other imagery. They provide the conditions necessary for optimal learning: challenge, relevance, and ownership, low to moderate stress, meaningful learning, consistent feedback and time for reflection. Add a touch of chaos and uncertainty balanced with curiosity and skills to get the job done and the brain soars.


The book is designed to be interactive with an invitation to the readers to use the book as personal journals to record their own observations and comments on the experience with the activities. Once the explanation of each of the icons is presented on page two, the icons alone represent each of the areas that lead to reflection, self-evaluation, assessment and a plan for further exploration and follow-up. Each of the even pages also provide some research and/or references for further study with an emphasis on music and the offering of musical selections.

This download is an exceptional resource for those who are interested in Leadership with a Difference! Enjoy!


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