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Hot Tips for Teaching & Learning serves as a resource for leaders who want to incorporate knowledge of how the brain learns into their teaching. It is about interrelation with others and building relationships that are healthy and satisfying. Leaders begin reviewing some of the key values upon which successful organizations are based. They then revisit and learn some new strategies, techniques, and skills to check if their pictures of what success is all about match. All activities are based on the belief in internal control psychology and intrinsic motivation. Ultimately, it is an invitation to research the convergence of neuroscience and quantum physics into the realm of Quantum Medicine.

Dr. Jean Seville Suffield – International presenter, author, and workshop facilitator, known for fun-filled sessions and training, shares key strategies and techniques to effect success for all both in the classroom and boardroom. Not to be missed!

– Bob Matthey, Principal
Mountainview School, Otterburn Park, QC

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Dr. Jean Seville Suffield’s many years in the field of education from teacher through to Superintendent has offered her a global view of systems and an understanding of the change process. She has travelled to many parts of the world bringing her knowledge and expertise in the fields of choice theory, reality therapy, the Glasser Quality School, brain-based education, and the importance of health and wellness in the realm of quantum medicine. This book offers a taste of these concepts and may serve as companion piece to many of Jean’s other works. Contact
[email protected] or (450) 646-2590.

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