Stop Spinning Your Wheels


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This book gets to the ‘heart’ of the concepts and tackles the areas in which people have difficulties. From his many years as a consultant and trainer, Jim addresses challenges that people face and offers this work in a way that is relevant to people from many backgrounds. While he may mention counselling and teaching, he is also referring to business and industry. He urges you to read with an open mind, so you may see the relevancy in all areas. Part of Jim’s intent in this revised edition is to provide a further translation of what is now called the New Reality Therapy and Lead Management. These area have been the direction of his entire professional career.

The title comes from Jim’s belief that in implementing the ideas in your personal and professional life, you will stop spinning your wheels and move forward and achieve your dreams.

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Jim is a senior faculty of William Glasser International and has worked with Dr. Glasser for over 40 years. In the past, Jim has served on the international board of The William Glasser Institute, representing Canada. Jim has actively taught courses in reality therapy for his entire career, and for the past 30 years on a full time basis. He has worked in many parts of North America and internationally in the areas of addictions, education, business, juvenile and adult corrections, social services and counselling, and has worked extensively with First Nations Peoples in Canada. You may reach Jim through [email protected] or by telephone at (416) 261-1085.

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