From a father’s and son’s perspective, TEEN ON DRUGS chronicles each of their four-year journeys through the crisis of drug abuse and the dismal failure of “common sense” parenting – in other words, a parenting approach based on reward and punishment. Pushed to the brink of losing his son altogether to crime, the streets, or an even worse fate, a father shifted from using power and control to strengthening their connection and restoring this relationship. This shift gave his son the courage and strength to quit drugs and take responsibility for his own fate.

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John Foulkes is Reality Therapy/Choice Theory Certified, a Certified Professional Coach, and is now completing a diploma in psychotherapy at the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program.

Marshall Foulkes has co-written Teen on Drugs, graduated from high school, is a certified personal trainer, and is presently working full-time. He has spoken about his journey at schools, churches, and rehabilitation clinics.

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