This brief and readable handbook provides a practical guide to creating a cohesive staff team with an energised sense of shared purpose.

It explores the importance of having a clear vision, agreed outcomes, shared values and helpful beliefs as drivers of the engagement and change that will optimise student learning.

The authors are Senior Instructors, with the William Glasser Institute – Australia, who are highly regarded for the programs they have created for executive leaders in schools. The text draws on Choice Theory for its underlying rationale, as well as on the work of other authors and researchers whose writing presupposes the internal control of human behaviour.


The book includes a clear rationale for this way of creating alignment, as well as a very practical ‘technical’ section which will guide school leaders, step by step, through the process of creating their own ‘Window of Certainty.’

This publication is an important companion for school leaders who want to lead a learning community characterised by alignment of purpose and a sense of collegial unity.



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