As I reflect over the years particularly since 2015 into 2016, I realize how much Glasser Canada has grown. I am very grateful for the work that we have done together:

  • Developed a new website to accommodate interactivity
  • Devised various types of membership to involve the global community
  • Offered opportunities to be featured in Webinars on the Glasser Canada site
  • Developed VENTURES to bring Quality interviews worldwide
  • Created teaching videos of high definition to assist with professional development
  • Made available Quality teaching videos as rentals and for purchase
  • Created a Webstore that offers a wide variety of books, e-books, and videos
  • Developed “Out of the Box” activities for the AGM to engage more interest
  • Participated in international conferences through innovative presentations
  • Provided professional development opportunities in Colombia / WGI conference
  • Featured well-known and new authors who contribute to the spread of Dr. Glasser’s ideas
  • Formulated a Strategic Plan 2018-2021 which focuses on three main directions
  • Offered scholarships at most training levels to encourage new faculty to the fold
  • Offered resources in English and French to assist with training
  • Provided in English the Take Charge Program to those certified
  • Take Charge Program now available in French through the Webstore
  • Served as mentors to those who wished to become Facilitators of the Take Charge Program
  • Reviewed the Glasser Canada membership process to develop new structure
  • Created a new platform to provide interaction among global communities
  • Launched a VENTURES Video Club as an opportunity to meet new authors and join the conversation, and . . .
  • Revising French section of the site to be launched in 2021
  • Engaging Member Organizations to benefit from what the has to offer
  • Offering paid and free access to the to interconnect the CT/RT/LM community
  • Presenting Webinars of Excellence for those who are experts in their fields
  • Featuring new authors so their work may be brought to the Glasser communities
  • Continues training at all levels with emphasis on bringing new faculty on board
  • Reviewing and presenting new strategic plan with new board formed January 30th at AGM
  • Launching of the French translation of Take Charge book, Prendre sa vie en main

We are here working for you! May you have joy, love, prosperity, and abundance for 2021! Be well!

Jean Suffield Suffield, DNM

President, Glasser Canada

  1. Breanne Hansen 7 months ago

    It is very exciting Jean, all of these innovations nurturing connection and learning! So grateful to be along for the ride. So ready to see what 2021 will bring 😀

  2. Author
    JEAN SEVILLE SUFFIELD 6 months ago

    Hi Breanne,

    We create our future each day so the future appears full of joy and light! I am excited about 2021 and happy with my life. I have still lots to share and thanks for your appreciation of my work. Hopefully, we shall train together.

    Love you – from Jean

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