1. Sue Berry 5 years ago

    Thank you Paul for putting together such an encouraging video. In particular am impressed by the technical quality of the filming, sound and vision. I believe this reflects an attitude of care and quality to the whole project. I am sitting at my computer in rural South Australia. While I am involved in WGIA, ongoing conversation is intermittent due to distance, cost and work commitments. I am joining Ventures as a way of continuing my commitment and connection to exactly those values and intentions that you spoke about. Look forward to the next bit!! Sue

    • Paul 5 years ago

      Hey Sue… thanks for your message. It’s so encouraging. Thanks also for your kind comments about the technical aspects. We try and take great care, and it’s nice to know it’s noticed. I’m glad that we can offer a place to connect, and we hope to bring lots of encouragement along the way. Thanks for your support, and for being involved!

  2. Shea Stanfield 5 years ago

    Bravo Paul! I signed up with Ventures the minute I had the opportunity. This is a brilliant and inspired idea, a gift to the entire Glasser Community. Yes, you are correct it can be lonely out here, in our respective professions, using Dr. Glasser’s theories and practices. Yes, the news letters, journals, and conferences are all excellent ways of staying in contact one another. Yet nothing takes the place of the human voice of experience, and looking at the person sharing with you.

    Thank you and the Ventures Team for setting in motion a communication platform where we can support and learn from one another, without borders and across cultures.

    • Paul 5 years ago

      Hey Shea, thank you for being involved! We really appreciate the support! Your note is so encouraging! Please keep in touch 🙂

  3. Sally Denning 5 years ago

    Thanks Paul – your authenticity, passion and belief for all that Bill Glasser’s work offers really shone through. Thank you for sharing the Ventures goals and opportunities with us!

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