Carleen talks about her extraordinary relationship with Bill Glaser, how it began and what she learned about herself AND external control.

This is Part 1 of a 2 part interview that Lynn Sumida did with Carleen Glasser during the 2016 Glasser International Conference in Seoul Korea. Lynn and Carleen talk about what life with Bill Glasser was like, the man he was, and the way his genius continued to show up day after day.

After you watch the video, consider these questions:

Do you think it’s “external” control to want someone to eat lunch on “your schedule”?
What part do family patterns and expectations have to do with this?
How do you really know if you are using “external control”?

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  2. Melissa Landry 10 months ago

    I really enjoyed this piece. Especially the choice theory marriage… It’s possible to live the values and practice the caring habits even when things get hard… Staying in touch with our quality world and communicating our pictures are worthwhile practices.

  3. Breanne Hansen 10 months ago

    I love that Dr. Glasser went to the mailbox everyday waiting for a reply. That part made my heart swell. Thank you @carleen for sharing your beautiful love story and letting us get to know the William Glasser that you knew.

  4. Melissa Landry 10 months ago

    Such a great video! Thank you for sharing of yourself!

  5. What I enjoyed the most in doing the interview with Carleen was her insight into herself and how we are each so conditioned to think people should do certain things, like show up for lunch. I think for me it really opened up a whole area of exploration about our conditioning, expectations and how many of our expectations trap us. In discussing this in a practicum group was amazing how the group divided into two sides one that felt people should be polite if somebody makes lunch for them they should show up and eat lunch when it’s made and the other group feeling that it was Carleen’s expectations that actually trapped her.
    I’d love to hear what you think…

    • Melissa Landry 10 months ago

      I once heard… Expectations is a set up for disappointment. As cynical as that sounds, I find a lot of freedom in that statement.

      Did you ask the other person if they wanted lunch? Then why would you prepare it for them and expect them to show up.

      My two cents.

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